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Mayor Menino presented this proclamation at the launch celebration of The complete text is below the image.



Whereas: Boston is a diverse and multicultural city with a strong ethnic and immigrant influence that goes back to the founding of the nation and that continues today, since one of every five Bostonians is an immigrant; and

Whereas: Boston speaks 140 languages representing diverse cultural and linguistic communities; and

Whereas: Boston's Neighborhoods have preserved and strengthened the city's identity as a place where communities can express their own ethnic culture while being part of a singular American culture; and

Whereas: Mayor Thomas M. Menino recently recreated an Office of New Bostonians to let immigrants know what City Services are available and to encourage immigrants to play an active role in city matters; and

Whereas: The International Institute of Boston, which provides services to 7,000 immigrants from 60 countries each year, is creating a Dreams of Freedom Exhibit that will celebrate the immigrant experience in Boston; and

Whereas: The Boston History Collaborative is unveiling today Boston's Family History Web Site ( which allows visitors to trace their ancestry through Boston via the Internet and to tap into various ethnic activities flourishing in the City of Boston; and

Whereas: These activities cited above reflect the optimism held by the City of Boston that immigrants will continue to make enormous contributions to the United States of America as we enter the 21st century; NOW

Therefore, I, Thomas M. Menino, Mayor of the City of Boston, do hereby declare Wednesday, July 21, 1999 to be


in the City of Boston.

Thomas M. Menino, Mayor




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Copyright © 2001-2002 Boston History Collaborative. All rights reserved.
All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


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