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  • 1645: Teague Jones (d. 1676) a Freeman of Yarmouth, MA is fined for refusing to take allegiance to the British Crown.
  • 1654: 400 Irish arrive on the ship Goodfellow. They were kidnapped from Kinsale, County Cork and sold at Ipswich.
  • 1676: Residents of Dublin send ship Katherine to Boston with money, food, and supplies during the King Phillips War between Native Americans and Colonists.
  • 1688: Goody Anne Glover is hanged in Boston as a witch. However, Cotton Mather claims that the real reason for her execution is for being "a scandalous old Irish woman, very poor, a Roman Catholic, and obstinate in idolatry."

  • 1700: By 1700, 599 Irish names can be found in New England records. Massachusetts General Court passes a law forbidding any Catholic priest to be present in the colony under penalty of life imprisonment.
  • 1717-1720: 2,600 Scotch-Irish from Ulster arrive in Massachusetts. The Governor complains about the public burden caused by "so many poor people from abroad especially those that come from Ireland." The Massachusetts General Court tells the Irish immigrants that they must leave the colony within seven months.
  • 1726: Jeremiah Smith (b. 1705 Ireland) founds the first papermaking factory in the United States in Dorchester.
  • 1732: Gov. Jonathan Belcher tries to arrest a priest after Bostonians panic when Catholics are rumored to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.
  • 1737: Founding of the Charitable Irish Society by twenty-six"gentlemen of the Irish nation," making it the oldest Irish group in the United States.

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