Diversity & Innovation

The Boston History & Innovation Collaborative has received funding from The Boston Foundation and Citizens Bank to support its project, Diversity as a Driver in the Innovation Economy: A Tool for Expanding Boston’s Talent Pipeline. The project goal is to help improve the economic competitiveness of Greater Boston by strengthening the ability of local organizations to recruit and retain more diverse talent, and by deepening our knowledge of the role that a diverse talent pool plays in driving the region’s innovation economy.

The Collaborative will work with its partners—the Partnership, Inc., Dimock Community Health Center, the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office, and others—to develop and test a toolkit for non-profits and businesses seeking to reach key segments of the region’s talent pipeline—college students, post-grads, young workers, skilled immigrants. The toolkit—“Boston’s 400 Years at the Corner of Diversity & Innovation”—will build on the Collaborative’s research into the contributions of diverse individuals to Boston’s rich trove of world-changing innovations.

We believe the broader story of the roles that people of different racial, ethnic, and cultural profiles played in making key innovations happen here is one that will prove appealing to newcomers and visitors of all backgrounds who are drawn here by the region’s innovation economy.

Working Group Members:
Ruth Ellen Fitch, Dimock; Phil Clay, MIT; Suffolk County Sheriff Andrea Cabral; Beverly Edgehill, The Partnership; Westy Egmont; Jacquie Kay, WPI; Bob Krim, Kerri Greenidge, Jenna Leventhal, Boston History & Innovation Collaborative

Recently, the Collaborative's diversity research was utilized in the launch event for the Commonwealth Compact.