About Us


Founded in 1997, the Boston History & Innovation Collaborative  is a not-for-profit alliance that works to sustain Greater Boston’s 400-year tradition of innovation.  The Collaborative began as an effort to bring together leaders from the tourism, business, government, and academic sectors to develop public history projects that could aid the region’s economy.  Since 2003, its work has focused on the question of why Boston became and has remained a center of innovation for four centuries.  Through ACTION, RESEARCH, EDUCATION, and CELEBRATION, the Collaborative works toward these goals.

Our research and action plans are overseen by a powerful and visionary group of leaders, the Boston 5th Century Trustees.  The Trustees include a wide selection of cultural, academic, business and civic leaders. Our Advisory Council draws on the knowledge of prominent leaders from across the region. These relationships allow the Collaborative to leverage volunteer efforts to extend the efforts of our staff members.

Our Mission:

* Teach that Greater Boston’s key competitive advantage is the region’s centuries-long capacity to reinvent its economy through innovation;

* Embed this story into Boston’s culture at all levels—civic leadership, schools, visitor industry, City Hall, and the halls of academe;

* Use lessons from our innovation history to help plan the region’s economic development over the next 15-30 years.


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