Mapping the Human Genome
The Whitehead institute

"Every human is 99.9% identical with every other human. For all our differences, we're only one-tenth of a percent different, genetically....The tremendous impact of this project is that we're going to be able to study disease for the first time and find real causes for asthma, hypertension, diabetes, and cancer. This will lead to a real revolution."

-Eric Lander, Director of the Whitehead Institute's
Center for Genome Research

Under the direction of Whitehead Member Eric Lander, the Whitehead/MIT Center for Genome Research led the international effort to sequence the human genome. The Center’s researchers also sequenced key model organisms and pioneered new genetic research tools and methods. In November 2003, the Center became the cornerstone of the Broad Institute, a collaboration between Whitehead Institute, MIT, Harvard University and its affiliated hospitals, to investigate medical applications of genome research.

 What's Next?

A new collaboration between Harvard University and its affiliated hospitals, and MIT and the Whitehead Institute was announced in June of 2003. The new Eli and Edythe L. Broad Institute will be located in Cambridge under the direction of Eric Lander. Interdisciplinary researchers including mathematicians, computer scientists, biologists, physicians, and engineers will build upon the findings of the Human Genome Project in an attempt to uncover the causes of disease. Like the Whitehead, the new Institute will share its findings among the scientific community in order to stimulate new discoveries worldwide in this international quest.

 The Human Genome by Carina Davis et al., 2002