From the 1721 smallpox inoculation breakthrough and the founding of Harvard Medical School in 1782, Boston has been a center for medical discoveries which have changed how patients are treated around the world.

From Africa to Boston to London: Smallpox Inoculation
Inventing Baby Formula on Boston Harbor:Tufts New England Medical Center's Floating Hospital
Spirituality and Health: Mary Baker Eddy Library
Haven for Innovation: Longwood Medical and Academic Area: Harvard Medical School
Making Modern Surgery Possible: Massachusetts General Hospital

Medical Care for Women by Women: Boston Women’s Hospital & Dimock Community Health Center

Development of Accurate Syphilis Test: Tufts New England Medical Center
Bloodless Surgery: The Bovie: Brigham & Women’s Hospital
Research to Fight Polio: Children’s Hospital
Letting Polio Victims Live: Iron Lung: Children’s Hospital
Finding a Cure for Childhood Leukemia: Dana Farber Cancer Institute
First Successful Kidney Transplant: Brigham & Women’s Hospital
The Pacemaker, Electronically Regulating the Heart:
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Boston Scientific Corporation: Boston Scientific Corporation