Greater Boston, with a strong network of higher education, buttressed by a financial and legal infrastructure, has consistently developed individuals like Frederic Tudor or Elias Howe and attracts people like King C. Gillette or Percy Spencer.

Ice: Visualizing an Industry
Sewing Machine
The Inventor in Boston
Not Just One Inventor: Telephone and Light bulb: U.S. Electric Lighting Company
Bicycle Design and Manufacture: Columbia Bicycle Co.
Dentistry and Golf: An Unlikely Pairing: Harvard Dept. of Mechanical Dentistry
Inventing a Razor and Dreaming of a Utopia: Gillette
Architectural Acoustics: A New Science Symphony Hall
Stopping Time: A New Stroboscope: MIT
Related Inventions: Radar and the Microwave Oven: Raytheon
First Instant Camera: Polaroid
Sorting Good Electronics from Bad: Teradyne

To the Moon and Back: Developing an Inertial Guidance System: The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc