The Whitehead Institute

For more than 20 years, Whitehead Institute has defined the cutting edge of biology, creating a legacy of research and educational excellence unparalleled for an institution of its size and scope.

Research performed here has done more than illuminate important problems in biomedicine; it has changed the landscape of contemporary biology. Whitehead student researchers and visiting scientists have seeded novel research programs and new areas of scientific endeavor. Tools and techniques, first developed at Whitehead, now are commonplace in laboratories the world over. Whitehead also supports a suite of community programs that foster high school science education, public engagement with science and technology, and dialogue about science policy.

Whitehead remains a vital and thriving scientific enterprise that exemplifies Boston’s tradition of research excellence through such groundbreaking developments as: Mapping the Human Genome, Sequencing the Y Chromosome, Researching Human Diseases through Animal Models, and Innovations in Cancer Research.