City on a Hill/Boston the Farmtown

Town on a Harbor
The Great Puritan Migration
1st Public School; 1st College
Transition—Farmtown to Port
John Winthrop

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Boomtown: #1 British North America: Salt Cod Trade

Triangle Trade: Novia Scotia/Boston/West Indies
#3 Port in British Empire
Cod is Sacred
Ship-building & Scituate
Social Progress: Variolation

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Despair & Repair: Stagnation, Revolution & Ghost Town

The Siege/Occupation
85% Leave the City
Rebirth: The Lowells come to Boston

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China Trade, Canals, Waltham, & Lowell

Oregon Seals & China Trade
1784—Massachusetts Bank
Middlesex Canal & Charles River Bridge
Rebirth—The Federalist Era
Global Merchant Economy
The Boston Associates: Lowell, Jackson & Appleton
1st Factories

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Yankee Power: 1st into Manufacturing & 2nd in the World of Sail

Manufacturing Center
Sparkplug of Abolitionism—Walker & Garrison
The Irish Arrive
Financial Powerhouse & the Rivals: Phillie/Wall Street
Frederick Tudor—Ice King
Age of the Clippership—McKay

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Industrial Boom: Textiles, Shoes, & Conservative Finance

Shoes and Textile Giant
Athens of America: Literature
The Light Bulb & the Telephone
Lucy Stone & Suffragettes
MIT & Applied Science
National Markets—Pope, the Bike & the Car

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A Smug Era

Conservative Investment
Social Conflict: The Yankees and the Irish
Population Growth without Economic Growth
Seeds of 20th Century Innovations Laid
Vannevar Bush & His Research University

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Two Economies: Stagnation & Electronics/Healthcare Powerhouse

Research University & Federal Funds
Stagnation & Venture Capital
Development of Route 128 & Stop I-95
Pacemakers & Organ Transplants
From Information Dirt Path to Super Highway

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Mutual Funds, Biotech, Boom and Then??

Mutual Funds: Fidelity & Checkwriting
Biotech: From Kendall Square to Genetown
The Non-profit Craze
Infotech: The Mini-computer, EMC, & Slowdown
Life Sciences & Mapping the Genome
Uncertainty Sets In: Fleet, Gillette & Wilmer Cutler
Flattening the World?

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