Tours & Trails: Previous Projects

Innovation Odyssey Tour

The Innovation Odyssey tour is an unique two-hour coach ride through Boston and Cambridge, with state-of-the-art video and an actor/guide, recreating more than a dozen stories of Boston innovations. The tour is not currently running, however more information on the many Greater Boston innovations is available. <More>

The Literary Trail of Greater Boston connects the literary history of Boston, Cambridge and Concord. It unites a collection of litarary landmarks, and inspired the publication of a popular guide by the same name.

The tour is not currently running, however valuable information on the different sites can be found on its old website:


Boston Family History provides a set of online tools for researching family and neighborhood history. Visit the website.

Boston by Sea, a musical maritime performance, helped reconnect Boston to its seafaring roots and to unite groups promoting greater use of Boston Harbor. The show drew more than 20,000 visitors and students over its six years of operation.