Meet Our Staff:

Photo: Bob Krim

Robert Krim, Executive Director

Dr. Krim is the Executive Director of the Boston History & Innovation Collaborative which he helped to found with Liberty Mutual’s then-CEO Gary Countryman, Pat Moscaritolo, leader of Boston’s tourism industry, and historians Henry Lee and Brandeis Prof. David Hackett Fischer.

Prior to forming the Collaborative, Krim taught History, Economics, and Management at Roxbury Community College between 1974-1984.  As first chair of the Business Department, he hired a predominantly minority faculty, and built a community economic development focus.

In 1989, Dr. Krim along with then-Boston Mayor Ray Flynn founded the Boston Management Consortium, a public-private partnership that facilitated organizational efficiency and innovation for Boston's government by matching the best of Boston’s organizational development consultants with the City’s most critical urban problems and issues.  He is proudest of the work he did at the Management Consortium to help develop community policing in Boston with the Mayor and the Police Department, at a time when the homicide rate had just increased.  

Dr. Krim is a Fellow of the Massachusetts Historical Society, and recently traveled to New Zealand as a Fulbright Senior Specialist to provide assistance to their New Zealand Trust for Historic Places. Dr. Krim holds a BA in Government Cum Laude from Harvard, completed a year of postgraduate study in Economic History at London School of Economics, and earned an MA in US (Economic) History at UC Berkeley; an MA in Economics (Goddard College), and a joint MBA/PhD from Boston College.    His Boston College PhD is in Sociology; he has a strong background in research methodologies, and has published and spoken on this as well as Boston history.    This Boston native is married and an active father of two children.

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Photo: David Sears David Sears, Business Manager
David Sears has extensive experience managing the finances both for-profit and non-profit organizations. Following five years with the Peace Corps in Morocco, he moved to Boston for graduate school and stayed in the area as the CFO of a consulting firm while also advising on small business development internationally through World Bank and US government-funded programs. David received his B.A. from Haverford College and his M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.

Colin Rowan, Public History Program Manager

Colin manages the public history programs of the Collaborative. He has worked with the Collaborative before as part of the the team that produced the "Innovate Boston!" report. He now returns, bringing extensive experience in historical research, writing, and editing, public history work, and management. Colin holds B.A.s in History and Politics from Brandeis University and a M.A. in History from Northeastern University. Bicycles and bicycle advocacy, manual literacy, and travel are some of his favorite pastimes.


Researchers of Boston's Four-Century
History of Innovation


Kerri Greenidge

Kerri Greenidge worked for eight years as a park ranger and historian for Boston African-American National Historic Site, a branch of the National Park Service.  She is a Ph.D. candidate in American and New England Studies at Boston University.  She is a visiting lecturer in African-American Studies at Northeastern University in Boston.  She has served as guest lecturer at UMASS-Boston, the Massachusetts Department of Education, the Massachusetts State Census Bureau, and the Carter G. Woodson Center.  She has been featured on “Basic Black,” on “Chronicle” and in “The Boston Globe.”  Her first book, Boston’s Abolitionists, was published in September, 2006.  Her study of William Monroe Trotter and the legacy of Boston’s Black abolitionist movement is forthcoming.

Frequent Collaborators

Photo: Susan Wilson

Susan Wilson, Author
Susan Wilson is the former Globe columnist of "Sights and Insights," and author of The Literary Trail of Greater Boston, Boston Women's Heritage Trail: Guidebook, Walking Trails, Maps, Sights and Insights: A Multicultural Guide to Boston, and Forest Hill Cemetery Guidebook. In 1992 she received an award from the tourist organization Boston by Foot for enhancing public awareness and appreciation of Boston history, architecture, and the urban environment. In addition to being a professional writer, Ms. Wilson is also a photographer and educator.

Nancy S. Seasholes, Independent Scholar/Author
Nancy S. Seasholes is an independent scholar, historian and historical archaeologist. She is a Research Fellow in the Department of Archaeology at Boston University, and periodically teaches at the Harvard University Extension School. She is the author of Gaining Ground as well as Walking Tours of Boston's Made Land both published by MIT Press. She was also a contributing author to Mapping Boston (The MIT Press, 1999).
  Arnie Reisman , Video Designer
Arnie Reisman is an acclaimed video producer. He created the video elements for Boston by Sea and Innovation Odyssey, and is an award-winning writer, producer, and performer. He has worked in commercial and public television, corporate video, theater, and film. His national broadcasts include the documentary Hollywood on Trial, Public Broadcasting System's The Other Side of the Moon, and PBS's AIDS Quarterly. Reisman was also the coauthor of Teacher, a half-hour TV play that won the American Film Institute's special drama award. He has written six screenplays, coauthored WGBH's documentary, The Big Dig, helped develop WCVB's "Chronicle", and received five regional Emmys for other work at WCVB.


Jon Lipsky, Playwright
Jon Lipsky is the Playwright and Creative Director for Innovation Odyssey and Boston by Sea. He is also Associate Artistic Director for the Vineyard Playhouse and is an Associate Professor of acting and play writing at Boston University's College of Fine Arts. Mr. Lipsky was formerly playwright-in-residence at the Merrimack Repertory Theater, TheaterWorks, and Reality Theater. He is the author of Call of the Wild, The Survivor: A Cambodian Odyssey, Maggie's Riff, Living in Exile, Dreaming with an AIDS Patient, They All Want to Play Hamlet, Beginner's Luck, and Molly Maguire.